Payments and positioning services

Increase the user experience for your customer in any amusement park or other public event using GEPPS™ (Griffin Enterprise Positioning and Payment System)! The visitor keep track of his family or friends and manage payments by using a connected wristband. Furthermore the user gets a real time overview of the facility and can monitor all events and their geographical locations. The management of the facility can simplify and lower the operation cost of the amusement park or other public arena using GEPPS™. Increase your revenue by customized marketing inside or outside the park. Plan and improve your business by studying visitor walking and buying behavior over time.


H&D Labs use the best suitable technology to calculate the location regardless of indoor or outdoor position. H&D Labs use WiFi, Cellular, BLE and RFID technology to calculate an accurate position and support other services. The system provide powerful tools that can studie how visitors choose to walk around in the park and why they decided to buy a certain service or product at a certain time.


By using a connected wristband the user can easily manage his or her payments by simply “touching” one of the cash machines in the park, arena or other public event. The user “login” and assign money on the wristband when entering the area and logout and sign when leaving the same. By connecting the wristband to the system the management of the park will know who and when a customer has visited the park.