• Smart phone APP from APP Store or Google Play. Visitor creates an account in the Griffin™ cloud service through Facebook or email
  • Follow you kids or friends in the Play Center or Resort with the Smartphone APP or on Displays.
  • Use the wristband to pay your bills at the restaurant, shop, bar or at any other activity with a simple touch.
  • Paying with wristbands simplifies the business process and gives shorter queues that will increase sales for the facility.
  • Pay with wristband and decrease the transaction cost by using “open bill”. Avoids multiple transactions!
  • Valuable business data can be monitored through GEPPS™ Visualizer. A system that show visitors walking patterns, visitors spendings, number of vistitors etc


H&D Labs has developed and installed GEPPS at Exploria Center. The facility is located just outside Stockholm in Sweden and is Europe’s largest indoor amusement park with a wide range of attractions.  The total area is 20 000 m2 and has a play area that is larger than 6 000 m2.  GEPPS installed at Exploria facilitates a nice and safe visitor experience both for kids and adults. Kids wearing wristbands can easily be located by parents looking at their smartphone APP ”Exploria Center” or by staff looking at enterprise GEPPS Visualizor tools.

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The system uses complex algorithms to calculate an accurate position of each wristband. The wristbands sends RF signals to the GEPPS infrastructure that reports the data to Griffin Cloud Service. The cloud stores data for each wristbands. When a user would like to see where the kids are located the APP communicates with the cloud and a new position is calculated for every second.


The wristbands are paired with Smartphones using BLE beacon technology. The user assigns a name to each wristband in order to keep track of the entire family or group of people. The user creates accounts through email or Facebook to be able to use the service. H&D Labs has developed the user experience APP where the visitor can explore what to do , where to find it and how to book it. Everything presented to the customer in an intuitive way.