H&D Labs develops your product in a fast and effective manner. H&D Labs has very experienced engineers with a long experience from the Wireless industri and the IoT market. By using the Griffin cloud platform the product will be thoroughly designed and easy to monitor, control and use.

H&D Labs can also help manage your IoT system. H&D Labs offer SaaS (Software as a Service) for users and companies to easy access Griffin cloud services.

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Design Services

  • H&D Labs has all the development and test tools needed in-house such as lab test benches, RF test instruments, anechoic chamber, climate test chamber etc. The organisation has long relations with certification and qualification test houses. H&D Labs has well defined design processes that raise the quality and shorten time to market for the customers.
  • Has the capability and expertise to develop IoT devices that communicate with the cloud via RF protocols such as WiFi, Bluetooth, BLE etc. The design capabilities are embedded software design, digital and analog hardware design, product testing, product certification and qualification.
  • Will customize and configure and set up the Griffin™ cloud network to fit the customer application.
  • Develop iOS and Android APP’s according to customer specification
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Cloud Services

H&D Labs:

  • Take full responsibility and run the entire operation of the servers and the cloud. Griffin™ is based on Microsoft Azure™ that guarantees a very reliable operation with always online service.
  • Publish server API for customers that would like to have full control of sensitive business information themselves. Griffin™ will be installed on a server that the customer has in its own possession. The customer can locate the server wherever the customer wants.

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